CRYPTOVALUES • CRYPTONewsletter 01-2021 •

Crypto-Newsletter N.1  (updated as of January 31, 2021)
Regulatory news
  • End of the feedback period for the Proposal for a Regulation COM(2020)593
  • UK Treasury solicits opinions on its regulatory framework
  • Christine Lagarde positions herself against Bitcoin
  • Luxembourg adopted the bill of Law 7637
  • Estonian government publishes bitcoin white paper
Business news
  • Several cryptocurrency exchanges have delisted trading of the XRP token
  • Light on the Token Classification Framework of Thomas Euler
  • Bitfinex has delisted some crypto assets
  • Bitcoin hits new high € 34,140 ($ 41,962)
  • Ethereum-based Nexus Mutual launches new type of decentralized insurance
  • Tether, a centralized stable coin issued by Tether Limited, is accused of being the source of the 2017 speculative bubble.
  • Gemini is launching only for USA customers a credit card
  • The arrival of the first smart-contracts on bitcoin
  • The Financial Times creates a sense of fear, uncertainty and doubt against bitcoin
  • Spain, David Barral is the first player in history paid in Bitcoin
  • Italian TV show dedicated to Bitcoin
  • Almost four months after its launch, StackinSat announces funding of € 90,000
  • Article on private blockchain infrastructures
  • The case of Gamestop and Robinhood App
Policy news
  • South Korea to charge 20% tax on crypto profits
  • Germany paves the way for electronic securities
  • Estonia: stricter rules on crypto-businesses
  • USA: SEC charged Ripple