CRYPTOVALUES • CRYPTONewsletter 06 – 2021 •

  • Regulatory News

The last month has been characterized by the strong collapse of Bitcoin, taking the whole cryptocurrency world with it, causing a big sell-off, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin registering impressive drops and being the subject of panic-driven sales.

The explanation should be a series of news reversed the sentiment on cryptocurrency. For example, the news that the Chinese central bank has delivered a call to major local banks and online payment platforms to enforce a ban on not favoring customers in transactions in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Nevertheless, at the same time, more and more countries are approaching the world of cryptocurrencies, like El Salvador, and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision issued a proposal to let banks handle digital assets like Bitcoin.

Below, there is a review of the main initiatives adopted in various countries

  • Business news

There is plenty of news of companies that are investing in cryptocurrencies, in the knowledge that they are an interesting and developing intersection of finance and technology.

They are increasingly exploring opportunities, but at the same time must respect and manage risk.

Below, there is a review of the main initiatives adopted in various countries.

  • Policy news

An overview of the broader public approaches to crypto-assets across the world.

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