CRYPTOVALUES • CRYPTONewsletter 07 – 2021 •

  • Regulatory News
July 2021 saw important steps forward on the digital euro. The digital currency is expected to see the light in five years, after the phase of investigation launched by the ECB on July 14th. Moreover, the Federal Reserve has returned to cryptocurrencies and has put stable coins in its sights. The issue of the significant risk of stable coins to the financial system has also been highlighted by the European Commission, which in a communication on digital finance strategy said that stable coins are not a threat, but the situation could change with the advent of global stable coins aiming for wider adoption by incorporating features to stabilize their value. Meanwhile, the attention of the public authorities to cryptocurrencies and the attempt to curb their illicit uses is going to increase, especially after the Consob communication and warning against Binance. Below, there is a review of the main initiatives adopted in various countries.
  • Business news
Cryptocurrencies are becoming an increasingly complex and diversified sector. Among the many initiatives, Visa and Mastercard entered the world of blockchain. The accelerated shift of financial services to blockchain continues to reshape the way businesses, governments and people transact around the world in real time. Azimut, a Luxembourg-based asset management company, obtained the authorization to manage alternative investment funds (AIFs) that will invest in cryptocurrencies. Looking at the world of NFT, the market is gaining more and more growth and popularity in various fields, such as in the world of sport. However, initiatives to protect savers continue at international level. Below, there is a review of the main initiatives adopted in various countries. Download  •2021_NEWSLETTER_07