CRYPTOVALUES • CRYPTONewsletter 09 – 2021 •

  • Regulatory News

The world’s Central Banks are intensifying their efforts to prepare the ground for Central Bank Digital Currency, as shown by studies and projects carried out by the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

Meanwhile, implementations of crypto asset regulation are ongoing, as the Italian government is finalizing the decree regulating exchange platforms, there are several examples of platforms against which authorities, such as the SEC, are intensifying investigations on misconduct and abusive market behaviour.

  • Business news

More and more projects in crypto assets are being promoted by market giants, including Twitter, realizing the importance and the value of the Blockchain revolution.

Companies are becoming increasingly sensitive to the compliance issues.

Below, there is a review of the main initiatives adopted in various countries.

  • Policy news

An overview of the broader public approaches to crypto-assets across the world.

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