On the occasion of the election of Christine Lagarde as President of the European Central Bank, we are once again presenting her most significant speeches on the subject of digital assets and blockchains in order to have an overview of her point of view on this industry. 

We hope that the open-mindedness and constructive approach shown so far within her institutional role will remain.

Wherever possible, we have opted for the most direct sources to keep the opinions expressed  free from sensationalistic and/or partisan interpretations.

29/9/2017 – Bank of England conference, London

Central Banking and Fintech—A Brave New World?

“…So in many ways, virtual currencies might just give existing currencies and monetary policy a run for their money. The best response by central bankers is to continue running effective monetary policy, while being open to fresh ideas and new demands, as economies evolve.”

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13/3/2018 – FMI Blog post

Addressing the Dark Side of the Crypto World

…”The volatility of crypto-assets has prompted an intense debate about whether they are a bubble, just another fad, or a revolution equivalent to the advent of the internet that will disrupt the financial sector and eventually replace fiat currencies.

The truth is obviously somewhere in between these extremes.

As I have said before, it would not be wise to dismiss crypto-assets; we must welcome their potential but also recognize their risks.”

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16/4/2018 – FMI Blog post

An Even-handed Approach to Crypto-Assets

…”In my view, the fintech revolution will not eliminate the need for trusted intermediaries, such as brokers and bankers. There is hope, however, that decentralized applications spurred by crypto-assets will lead to a diversification of the financial landscape, a better balance between centralized and de-centralized service providers, and a financial ecosystem that is more efficient and potentially more robust in resisting threats.”

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14/11/2018 – Singapore Fintech Festival

Winds of Change: The Case for New Digital Currency

…”More fundamentally, the case is about change—being open to change, embracing change, shaping change.

Technology will change, and so must we. Lest we remain the last leaf on a dead branch, the others having decided to fly with the wind.”

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10/4/2019 – FMI Seminar event (Video completo dell’evento)

Money and Payments in the Digital Age 

Should the central bank focus on providing the supporting infrastructure and regulating the market? Or should it actively and directly provide payment services (such as by offering central bank digital currency)? What is the role of the state in ensuring trust in payment services? Does regulation favor banks or non-banks? Are private forms of money provided by non-banks substitutes or complements to banking services? Can the private sector build trust independently, such as through decentralized ledger technologies? What are the implications of these developments for financial intermediation, stability, consumer protection, and even privacy? 

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