Addressing fragmentation in the digital single market, creating a European framework that facilitates digital innovation, creating a European financial data space, facing new challenges and risks, these are the aims of the

“Proposals on markets in crypto-assets and on pilot regime for market infrastructures based on distributed ledger technology “

title of the Webinar held on Wednesday 28 October by Jon Isaksen, Peter Kerstens and Alexander Stevensof the Direzione Generale FISMA, , European Commission, and attended by Federica Rocco, CEO of Cryptovalues ​​and Prof. Filippo Annunziata.

Among the topics presented and debated during the webinar:

  • short taxonomy for the 4 crypto-assets identified in the MiCA,
  • complementarity with anti-money laundering legislation,
  • convergence of national laws relating to financial instruments,
  • ecosystem of cryptocurrencies and obligations of issuers and service providers.

To learn more about the topics of the webinar, at this LINK  you can consult the materials prepared by the FISMA Directorate General.