In Switzerland Axa Insurance accepts bitcoin premium payments

We have long said that Switzerland has a very different vision and approach to digital currencies and is very proactive compared to other countries.

Pioneers in accepting tax payments in bitcoin were Chiasso and Zermatt.

In February, the Canton of Zug also opened up to the crypto world, offering the possibility of refunding municipal services in bitcoin up to a limit of 100,000 francs.

And again, a few days ago, the Grand Council of Canton Ticino approved a pilot project that will enable the payment in bitcoin of certain taxes by citizens to the State.

So if in some Swiss areas the use of digital currencies is allowed in the interactions between citizens and city institutions, the real novelty is represented by the insurance giant Axa that has just announced that it will begin to accept in Switzerland the payment of insurance premiums by their customers in Bitcoin.

This great novelty implemented by the insurance group, stems from a survey of their customers aged 18 to 55, who suggested the opportunity.

About the payment of premiums, just as it happens with the Cantons, it will be an intermediary who will proceed to the conversion into Swiss francs from bitcoin for the insurance company.

At the time being, there is only the queen of cryptocurrencies, but Ethereum could also be introduced for payments soon.

Once again, Switzerland shows as a place where cryptocurrencies are accepted, regulated and encouraged.