CryptoValues sets out to be an organisation that connects and cooperates with a variety of institutional and business figures.

It has already brought together major players currently operating in the fiscal, legal, industrial and technology sectors in an attempt to foster constructive dialogue on the subject of cryptocurrencies.

The aim is to channel different realities and foster an exchange of experiences, for example in the regulatory sphere to bring Italy into the blockchain era. It will then reach out to Europe, sharing this acquired growth and know-how.

Such growth will bring many benefits to both the public and private sectors.

The aim is to branch out into Europe and play a leading role in business development thanks to the opportunities afforded by the blockchain.

Why the blockchain?Because it is a technology that seeks to decentralise operations and bases the system of transactions on the qualities of clarity, confidence and transparency.

It is a technology that will be used more and more and become integrated in existing systems, increasing the use of digital services – e.g. in the areas of energy, logistics and regulatory reports – in the years to come.

It is believed that some public services will adopt the blockchain in coming years. We will have to overhaul existing systems that are becoming obsolete, and promote transparency and privacy, helping to create new opportunities. We will also be required to create a new area that can protect citizens, businesses and public services through new structures.


CriptoValues delves deeply into blockchain technology, promoting its adoption through a range of initiatives.

Such initiatives, alongside its scientific research projects, are in the public domain.

It issues recommendations to public decision-makers, dialogues with its stakeholders, provides multidisciplinary studies and creates best practices for all stakeholders.

​​We have established CryptoValues because we believe that the fundamental principles of Bitcoin, the blockchain, Ledgers and Smart Contracts will serve to reshape the ways in which people gain the trust of one another.

We seek to coordinate the efforts of community members and help to build awareness of the benefits of cryptocurrencies, the ways they are used and the relative technological requirements, for experts in the field, legislators, regulating authorities and the media.

How can we help you?

Please contact our Team if you need help or if you have any question for us.