Business is growing and tempting the big banking institutions.

Low interest rates on the one hand, and the great returns offered by digital currencies and related services on the other, are increasingly attracting the big banking giants and now the medium-sized ones as well.

To this we must add the new needs of customers, who are willing to move and change supplier in order to have a partner that can offer an all-inclusive service and that can have crypto in its equipment.

Let’s not forget the banks’ willingness to capture the attention of younger, more innovation-oriented customers.

Soon the customers of some US banks will be able to buy, hold and sell bitcoin through their existing accounts.

the forwarding of money to exchanges has turned on the light bulbs of many and the custodian company “NYDIG” has recently stated that hundreds of American banks would be ready to offer the direct purchase of bitcoin to their customers.

We mentioned “NYDIG” a few days ago, when we referred to the launch of a bitcoin fund by JPMorgan, which would see this company act as custodian.

Now in collaboration with Fidelity National Information Services, NYDIG is creating the right conditions to allow banks to offer bitcoin already in the coming months, creating a program that hundreds of banks would have joined.

The news is not without importance, in fact, making it easy to access and purchase bitcoin, will only expand and accentuate the need to regulate the sector, which, in the near future is projected to allow more and more buying and selling of digital currencies, assimilating it to the purchase of shares in the ease of access to the market.