The determination of companies and startups to better develop the cryptocurrency business and grow in the sector for those who started a process some time ago continues to manifest itself steadily.

Recently American banks have shown a great opening to provide services dedicated to crypto to their customers, it is said prompted by the same, but actually because they begin to realize the importance of the business and the incredible possibilities it provides.

In Europe, one of the biggest Austrian startups, Bitpanda, has decided to expand its business, already munificent in itself. Bitpanda manages a trading platform for cryptocurrencies that allows its customers access to the precious metals market (gold, platinum, silver and palladium).

The company has obtained significant funding to approach growth with the right energy, with the aim of introducing new resources to meet the growing needs of customers.

With the raising of 170 million euros, Bitpanda, a company born in Vienna, brings its value to about 1.2 billion euros.

This is not the first time for the Austrian startup, in fact only six months ago it had obtained other funding for 52 million euros which helped the company to achieve truly remarkable performance, such as having balanced in two months of 2021 the revenues of the entire previous year and having increased customers, bringing them to about 2 million registrations.