Less than a month has passed since April 14, which has seen the listing of Coinbase on Wall Street with approximately 115 million Class A shares placed on the market.

Coinbase is a digital asset exchange company based in San Francisco, California and founded in June 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam.

It has an allocation of 43 million verified users and daily exchanges for about 2.8 million transactions.

In 2020, it had revenues that were up sharply from the previous period at 1.14 billion. Almost more than double that of 2019 for a total valuation very close to €70 billion.

The impressive numbers with which the direct listing took place are based on a strategy of research of the constant improvement of the technology to be provided to customers and in this overall vision is included the recent purchase of the data analytics platform “Skew” specialized in providing traders with data on Bitcoin in terms of volumes, volatility and other more technical values.

To be in time and understand in advance the new needs of customers is the axiom that has allowed Coinbase to play a leading role in the sector, and become one of the main references.

The purchase of Skew was preceded in the previous days by the announcement of the possibility to use PayPal to pay for cryptocurrency purchases, which followed the connection between the PayPal account and Coinbase that allowed to be able to withdraw fiat currency from the exchange.

Coinbase shows that listing on the exchange is the starting point for a broader strategy of steady growth. Congrats!