Crypto Coinference 2019  (2th edition) held in Milan on November 14th was a great opportunity to showcase our activities and efforts towards Bitcoin, Blockchain and crypto technologies.

All Cryptovalues members attended the conference and received great recognition: we want to thank Conio, Luno, Annunziata & Conso, Studio Dattilo, The Rock Trading and

Maria Woncisz, Country Manager at Luno, Christian Miccoli Co-Ceo at Conio, Andrea Medri, CFO at The Rock Trading and our Advisory Board Member Massimo Chiriatti were speakers at the conference.

Cryptocoinference saw many industry leaders coming from some of the leading companies working in the crypto ecosystem. Many interesting topics were discussed from loyalty programs to fiscal and regulatory issues up to technology scaling solutions and decentralized finance opportunities.

We are still in the early stages of this technology adoption and therefore we need to continue spreading knowledge and expertise during these events.

A special thanks goes to everyone who has come to our booth and see you next year.

Don’t forget to follow us and stay tuned for our upcoming events roadmap for 2020.

Author: Cryptovalues

Photo Credit: Cryptovalues