CRYPTOVALUES • CRYPTO Newsletter 05 – 2022 •

  • Regulatory News

Digital currency projects keep on moving forward, supported by various countries such as Philippines and India.

Risks associated with crypto assets are always being monitored, as proven by the garrisons taken by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic that banned financial institutions from carrying out transactions or allowing their clients to make transactions with digital assets which are not regulated by a national authority and authorized.

Crypto investors in Germany won’t pay tax on sales of digital assets as long as they’re held for more than one year.

The Register for virtual currency operators managed by the Italian Organismo Agenti e Mediatori (OAM) is now active.

  • Business news

More companies willing to accept cryptocurrency payments, such as Emirates.

New collaborations are emerging for digital currency experiments, such as the one between Swift and Capgemini, and new project with regard to NFT and metaverse are growing.

Below, there is a review of the main initiatives adopted in various countries.

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