Investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are on the rise, in Italy and in the world, despite the COVID-19 emergency. The Rock Trading is one of the longest operating virtual assets service provider in the world and the main Italian platform that offers services to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with euros. Born in 2010, today it is the market leader in Italy with a European growth outlook.

Many have already believed in the potential of our sector. In the first private fundraising, our partners contributed to the capital increase which was intended to completely restructure our company that needed to make a qualitative leap, to improve our customer care, compliance and IT architecture.

Andrea Medri, Director and co-founder of The Rock Trading


The crowdfunding campaign

Once done with the IT development and after building a strong ecosystem, the owner of The Rock Trading company, Digital Rock Holding S.p.A. which also holds interests in other companies such as s.r.l, payment processor for innovative bitcoin-euro payments, OneDime s.r.l. technology development company, Cryptovalues ​​s.c.a.r.l. consortium which has the function of maintaining contacts with the authorities and CheckSig s.r.l. player in the custody sector (Digital Rock holds a few shares), is finally ready to consolidate the group’s presence in Europe, with an eye to future expansion.

For the next round of investments, Digital Rock Holding has chosen the equity crowdfunding option for the first time. The valuation with which the company presents itself on the market is € 13.5 million, making available an equity share of 5% -10%, depending on the target achieved, with a minimum funding goal of € 750,000.

The crowdfunding campaign will be opened shortly on the portal, at the following link:

The idea of ​​relying on an equity crowdfunding company, instead of looking for private investments as in the past capital increase, derives from the trust placed in the fact that even traditional investors are now ready to invest in this sector.

Opstart is a qualified and innovative company, in fact it is the first crowdfunding company licensed with CONSOB and regulated in Italy that also accepts the contribution in bitcoin (thanks to a solid collaboration with the payment processor

The equity crowdfunding round aims to obtain resources that will be allocated for:

  •   make new investments in marketing;
  •   strengthen the identity of the brands;
  •   promote services to the European market by aiming for an expansion of the user base;
  •   new investments in technology, with new user experience implementations and new technical solutions to make the operations of the group companies more efficient.

The last phase will be to lean back on Opstart and pursue the crowdlisting path, preparatory to listing on a European stock exchange.