It had to happen.
The airline industry could not stay away from blockchain technology and there is one company that wants to be a forerunner in the industry.

Emirates, the UAE’s largest airline, has announced plans to add bitcoin as a payment option and make NFT collectibles tradable on the company’s website.

The aim is to adopt blockchain technology in an effort to interact more with customers and expand its strength, so much so that Emirates is also hiring new staff to manage metaverse and NFT projects.

The news comes from Emirates’ COO, Adel Ahmed Al-Redha, who revealed it at a media briefing held at the international tourism trade fair, Arabian Travel Market. and hinted that it is keen to pursue blockchain technology, so much so that it could be used to track aircraft records.

Emirates first made public in April its investment plan aimed at a strategy to extend its services into the metaverse and develop collectible, utility-based NFTs, with a launch expected in the coming months.

The COO did not clarify when the new features will be available, but revealed plans to hire new employees who will focus on implementing and managing projects related to cryptocurrency payments, blockchain tracking, the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

He added that these blockchain-related plans are part of the carrier’s strategy to ‘better monitor customer needs’ and make operational, training and sales processes more ‘interactive’.

Dubai is the start of these new services, but it is expected that other carriers will soon take up the challenge to keep up with the times.