Fancisco Suarez is a forward thinker and one who believes very much in the development of digital currencies.

He has offered himself and his role to serve as an example in blockchain integrations in public affairs.

The news of receiving part of his salary in bitcoin was already filed some time ago, but now he would like part of his social security contribution to be allocated to the purchase of bitcoin:

“I think it’s a good asset to invest in. I am convinced that its price will increase over time.”

Suarez has always believed in the success of Bitcoin and is working to make Miami a city where the currency is increasingly used and has also announced that the city government will accept Bitcoin payments from Miami residents and even announced that it will distribute Bitcoin as dividends directly to every eligible resident.

Also in Florida, Governor De Santis recently provided very specific inputs for future implementations of the blockchain segment in state policies and transfers. In this sense, it has further sharpened the differences with Washington’s decisions, which find further cause for disconnect.

The goal of Suarez and De Santis, is to create the fertile ground for a range of crypto-related businesses to move into the territories they administer and create wealth.

Two forerunners who have decided to gather and join forces by understanding and trying to anticipate the moves to make the future more and more relevant.