Truly incredible numbers for certificates on digital currencies for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which touched the €1 billion mark in 2021, representing 5.4% of the trading volume of the €18.4 billion traded on the Frankfurt exchange last year, so much so that statements from Florin Caus, board member of Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate AG are nothing short of enthusiastic:

“with over 900 products offered on 29 cryptocurrencies, we offer the widest range of crypto products in the certificate industry in Germany and this allows investors to trade digital currencies in their securities accounts easily and immediately.”

As a reminder, Deutsche Börse has completed the acquisition of a majority stake in Crypto Finance, a Swiss FINMA-regulated provider of trading, custody and investment services for digital assets, which has 55 employees and an established presence also in Singapore.

The agreement was signed in June and closing is on 15 December 2021.

Through the acquisition Deutsche Börse will be able to provide its partners and clients with direct and easy access to digital asset services, including post-trade services. A wide range of digital assets will be available and the synergies created will serve to optimise processes and systems.

Conversely, Crypto Finance will use its access to Deutsche Börse’s network of clients and infrastructure, as well as its strong capital base, to further grow the team and implement structural growth projects as it seeks to strategically expand its product and service offering.

In addition to Germany, the client base will be expanded in Europe and Singapore in Asia.

Under the aegis of the German stock exchange, it will be possible to invest consciously in the crypto sector with the protection of regulatory bodies.

This really is a step forward for Germany that will reverberate throughout Europe.