One whitepaper, one desktop computer, one internet connection and one important piece-of-software: this is how everything started within the Bitcoin world. Fast forward 11 years and even grandma and grandpa are talking crypto.

Bitcoin started with no recognition, no fireworks, nothing.It’s been the most exciting internet protocol developed by a group of devoted brains. 11 years of history are quite something and everybody knows Bitcoin is here to stay.

2020 looks like the year in which Bitcoin and crypto world will eventually sit at the big boys’ table.

Every industry player which is here for the long run knows how important is to be recognized as a leading financial industry alternative from the old giants. Without this awareness short term success will soon transform into oblivion.

A community effort is necessary to tackle the current regulatory uncertainty which constitutes the biggest roadblock to innovation within the financial industry. 2020 will be the year where those businesses which are thinking long-term will build a competitive advantage by letting themselves recognized as privileged actors by regulators.

The road has been paved at the Osaka G20 already: the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) delivered their directives leaving G20 member countries a tiny 12 months to implement the guidelines, with a review set for June 2020. The Osaka G20 will always be remembered for the V20 launch: the V20 in Osaka, Japan was a two-day industry summit for the world’s leading Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs), held in parallel to the G20 Leaders’ Summit. It brought together leading digital asset exchanges, key domestic industry representative bodies and industry experts. The next stop is in Riyadh, November 2020 where the group will gather again to speed up the development of the crypto industry.

Bitcoin is not a nerd game anymore but it’s proving itself as a true game-changer.

Author: Cryptovalues 


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