“We completely missed the first crypto train.”

This interesting statement comes from N 26 co-founder Max Tayenthal and contains, at its core, an explicit admission of guilt and at once the will to remedy a mistake.

A choice that the CEO of the German banking company admits to being late, but that expresses the will for the group to start a path in a sector that, at least among small private retail investors, is still in an embryonic phase in Italy as in Europe.

The recent decision shows how cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more importance every day and it has been taken also following what has been done by the main competitor of the group, Revolut, which is now active in the world of cryptocurrencies for quite some time.

N26 has clear ideas about this financial market and wants to make up for lost time counting only in Italy more than 500 thousand active accounts.

Among the digital currencies that will be included bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin should be in the game and it seems there will be the possibility to buy cryptocurrencies directly, with a wallet that should be integrated directly into the account of those who use the services of the group.

In the year that has just begun, the project will see the light of day and testing will begin shortly, being able to count on a particularly young clientele receptive to the novelty.