Recently, we talked about the entry of US investment banks into the crypto sector with operations that are even a bit more sophisticated than the possibility offered to their clients to buy crypto.
We mentioned the possibility of also offering mining companies and operators in the sector to obtain advanced financial services, such as those represented by options, which should have cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin as underlying assets.

In this scenario, Goldman Sachs has stood out for its initiatives, as it has begun to allow institutional players to operate in OTC for crypto-related products in order to hedge and hedge against highly directional positions.

The Manhattan-based bank’s example has been followed by a very important name in traditional finance: we are talking about the Japanese banking giant Nomura, which will start offering derivatives based on BTC.

These will be OTC financial instruments, the transactions of which will be allowed in the Singapore office, with guaranteed access to all of the group’s customers in Asia.

The transactions were executed on the CME derivatives market by cryptocurrency trading firm Cumberland DRW.

Thus Bitcoin becomes part of the services offered, via derivatives, by the Japanese bank.
A sign of the continued adoption and increasing relevance in terms of high finance, despite the fact that the queen of the crypto market is currently suffering in terms of price. 

Nomura wants to respond to the demand of the most qualified clients, which, in addition to guaranteeing significant commissions, allows more widespread access and confirms its enormous relevance as an asset class.

Another step forward for the industry.