In Europe, Germany is one of the nations that anticipates on the subject of crypto trends and now the independent management company “Invesco” has received approval about its request to issue Etf on BTC with physical replication, which will be listed Xetra – the most important market for exchanged traded securities.

As a reminder, in July a law was passed allowing German institutional funds to hold up to 20% of their assets in crypto.

Spezialfonds, or “special funds”, are only accessible to institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance funds, which manage assets worth around 1,800 billion euros. As of August 2, the law became enforceable.

It will not be like buying Bitcoin directly, but Invesco will be able to offer a product with physical replication, confirmed by the words of Gary Buxton, Head of ETF Emea, who clarifies the choice by saying

“We didn’t choose to replicate futures because we have doubts about synthetic liquidity and how that might change the value of the asset over the long term.”

The U.S. is not watching and it seems that the investment manager and funds, Kelly, has sent the request for the first Ethereum ETF in the U.S., which tracing those that have already been approved on the Bitcoin side, will replicate the performance of futures on $ETH.

In this way it should have a better chance to meet the favor of the SEC, the U.S. regulatory authority and it seems that the manager has slavishly respected what has been done by the companies that have obtained the ok to offer ETFs on Bitcoin.