Ever since it was founded, Cryptovalues has considered communication with the academic world one of the four fundamental pillars for the dissemination and correct information of the new socio-economic paradigm represented by blockchain and crypto-asset.

Today, after over a year – that has been full of activities and gratification – we are proud to announce the establishment of our Scientific Advisory Committee.

This is the second important goal that we had set ourselves, which we consider preliminary to the subsequent objectives related to Research, Development and Training.

The committee is made up of key persons from important universities. Some of them are cautious and sometimes even critical regarding some aspects of this technology.

The members of the committee have the objective of making the necessary research, but also bringing innovation, rigour – as well as giving their scientific method contribution – for the analysis and understanding of the main aspects and innovations. We will be privileged witnesses and enthusiastic participants of the whole process.

We therefore take this opportunity to send our best wishes to the committee and invite you to meet its prominent members by visiting the dedicated page.

Federica Rocco