The Consortium, also thanks to the experience gained by its members, is able to provide a thorough monitoring and an advanced asset analysis of transactions that take place on the blockchain through its Crypto Patrimonial Analysis (“CPA” or the “Service“)

addressing this Service both in support of financial intermediaries  and in favour of subjects who, having invested in cryptocurrencies, need to convert their funds (in cryptocurrencies) in legal tender, ensuring the legitimacy of their financial transactions. 

Our Service is structured in a modular way
according to the specific needs of customers, in the following phases


Traditional offchain (i.e., external to the blockchain(s)) analysis of financial transactions involving cryptocurrencies.


On-chain analysis of transactions, through forensic analysis of the blockchain(s)


Option to integrate onchain and/or offchain analysis with supporting legal and/or tax analysis

The great strength that distinguishes our Service is due to our ability to integrate offchain data with evidence derived from the use of our onchain service of forensic analysis of the blockchain, so as to ensure the full legality of financial transactions in cryptocurrency.

At the end of the Crypto Patrimonial Analysis, the client will be provided with a report with the evidence of our investigation, which can also be used in support of major banks and financial intermediaries, as proof of the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency transactions carried out.

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