Sergio De Prisco

Entrepreneur. A decentralization scholar since 2011, he explores protocols, platforms, and consensus algorithms that nullify the need for intermediation in the exchange of value and, in general, in any free exchange.

He supported the first attempts to associate industry operators, co-founding in 2013 the Bitcoin Foundation Italy, for the promotion of decentralized and alternative payment methods, the first spontaneous manifestation of a need later increasingly felt.

He co-founded, in Bologna, Decentra – Distributed ledgers academy – and is currently a member of the board of directors and the scientific committee. The Academy promotes the use of distributed ledgers and the gradual overcoming of central authorities in every aspect of the economy and social life.

He co-founded, in Switzerland and UK, the companies that developed the Seed Venture platform for blockchain fundraising of real economy startups, with automatic enabling of the secondary market. He is the architect of the platform.

He co-founded and currently runs the Swiss portfolio manager Crypto Nike, specialized in investments in cryptographic assets, and is currently a consultant for investment funds with underlying blockchain protocols, decentralized applications and platforms.

Designer of distributed models for unresolved issues of centralized systems, believing that a general, expressive, and scalable model also holds the solutions for future problems.

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