Stefano Rossi

  • COO @ Cryptovalues

Stefano Rossi graduated in Political Science and Government at LUISS University.

Before working exclusively within the Bitcoin and Blockchain industry, he had diverse working experiences in media, training, start-ups and public services.

He has seven years of experience in Research & Innovation within the Bitcoin and Blockchain ecosystem.

In the last 4 years he’s been part of a team that helped his former company to gain great recognition within the Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto ecosystem.

Stefano worked with many leading multinationals as a trainer and consultant on Bitcoin and Blockchain related projects.

He’s also an active member of the Bitcoin community and boasts plenty of connections with current industry leaders.

He has been invited to speak at several events such as the Celtic Plus Proposer Day 2017 (Luxembourg), IAB Forum 2018 (Milan), Delano Breakfast Talk 2019 (Luxembourg).

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