William Pividori

  • co-founder @Seed Venture & Seed Set
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After a solid experience in primary multinational companies (Finance and Control and Strategic Planning), he decides to follow his passion for startups and innovation; so he starts his adventure initially working internally in some projects, and then he becomes a consultant and mentor supporting the launch of new initiatives.
The entrepreneurial turning point comes at the beginning of 2017, when he meets (and clashes) with a truly disruptive innovation for its economic, political and social implications: Bitcoin. The technology it represents, the blockchain, is that missing piece useful to mitigate the various complications and criticalities in the encounter between supply and demand of capital for innovation, both on the startup side and on the non-professional investor side. Those problems that he has touched with his own experience. This is how Seed Venture was born, of which he is co-founder, a platform that intends to tokenize the investment in startups, intended to bring together fluidly the new digital native money and supported by community (the so-called decentralized finance) with the real economy represented by startups.

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