Twitter’s latest stunt represents the further confirmation of how, Jack Dorsey, is one of the most active supporters of the world that revolves around Bitcoin.

It seems that Twitter will add a Tip Jar function, through which you can forward to other Twitter users donations for their favorite content creators, as if it were a sort of reward in a virtual tip jar.

This system is already active in the U.S., albeit in beta mode and restricted, for a small number of users.
Now it seems it will be implemented bitcoin through the Lightning network, which allows to trade BTC with much lower commissions and at higher speed than the main Bitcoin network.

This avoids the possibility of the transaction cost being higher than the tip, which is a modest amount.

Currently Tip Jar allows users to add links to Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal and Venmo to collect small donations from users, but the option to pay with Bitcoin is coming soon and users who choose this option will also receive a tutorial that includes details on how Lightning Network works and on custodian and non-custodian wallets.