Visa still playing a leading role with growth-focused initiatives that look directly at the future.

It is currently working with blockchain company ConsenSys on a project to help connect CBDC networks with existing payment tracks.

The card system is close to integrating its CBDC payment module

with the ConsenSys Codefi CBDC sandbox.

The partnership would allow central banks to design their digital currency on Consensys’ Quorum and then use Visa’s infrastructure to distribute the currency through financial intermediaries such as commercial banks.

Visa’s CBDC payment module is designed to provide access to existing payment networks, so that CBDC networks can easily connect to traditional financial service providers.

Another initiative carried out by the Foster City, California-based company is the survey of small and medium-sized businesses in its network, which shows that a large proportion of them would be ready to accept cryptocurrency payments.
59% said they use digital payments exclusively or plan to use them exclusively within the next two years.
73% of respondents believe it is critical for their growth to accept new forms of digital payments in 2022, and finally, 82% said they would accept digital payments in 2022, while 24% said they would also accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

As a reminder, in December Visa announced the launch of the Global Crypto Advisory Practice, an offering within Visa Consulting & Analytics (VCA) designed to support customers and partners in their use of cryptocurrencies.