Welcome on board, Crypto Nike!

Crypto Nike is the swiss portfolio-management side of a network of entrepreneurs, researchers and developers in the decentralization domain. Our founders established academies and developed blockchain platforms and currently lead them. We are advisors of investment funds in crypto assets.

We are deeply aware of the decentralization need of the global economy, composed of a plurality of actors, with different organizations, cultures and jurisdictios and conflicting interests that have to agree on shared data in the absence of a central body that certifies their integrity.

This scenario is exactly the general case where decentralization is required, therefore decentralization is crucial to prevent the global economy from becoming dysfunctional and can only be developed from the bottom up, in the same times that it took for the Internet.

Another generation will pass before an ecosystem of distributed ledgers, anchored on one another, becomes the backbone of the economy. Meanwhile, the vast majority of the new projects will fail and those that thrive will replace most of the current economic actors, few of whom will be able to adapt.

Meanwhile, we shall pick out the most promising projects, trying to distinguish the deadwood from the green one, with the perspective of a tumultuos and expanding market for the next decades, which will award endless gain possibilities and chances to fix mistakes.

Regulators can ease or obstruct this change, but they cannot halt it. Those who facilitate the change will greatly benefit and their economies will flourish, those who hinder it will harm their countries. We aim to help regulators to improve their economies, until such time as regulators are no longer needed.