Decentra is a scientific and cultural association focused on Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers Technologies (DLT) research and applications support.

Our main topics are Training, Knowledge dissemination, applications development support, and divulgation.

“We find decentralized solutions to unsolved problems in the centralized world”.

Our main activities: Courses, Professional training, Individual coaching, Research and development, DLT design, DLT management, Legal compliance and Networking.

Founded in Bologna with a national and international opening, Decentra is an always-on think thank, a place and a network to start projects, and to accelerate research and innovation processes based on Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers.

Grown in Decentra’s Network, Seed Venture is one of the most important international tokenization projects.

Other significant collaborations on training side with University of Bologna, Formart and many others.