Fondazione Fenice is a Research Center for Innovation and a Training Center Accredited by the Veneto Region that promotes training courses certified by the most prestigious International Bodies such as: APMG International, KNX Association, Eurocrowd, ISIPM.

The Foundation manages a Scientific Park (4 ha) an embryonic example of a smart city in a very peculiar peri-urban environment, between the centre of the town and the 1400 firms in the Industrial District: Terranegra island.

The Foundation’s mission covers five areas (Research, Educational -Junior Academy-, Advanced Training for Professionals -academy of green and new jobs-, Support to companies, European Planning) and has always developed with scientific rigor the themes of the green deal and the new economy.

In particular, after the financial crisis of 2008 that has destabilized the credit system and consequently pushed the economy towards a new paradigm, the Phoenix Foundation has paid great attention to the evolution of the labor market, studying all the new forms of employment related to green and new jobs.

The vocation of the Academy of Fondazione Fenice on the themes of financing and finance in general, stems from a historical competence related to direct and indirect financing in Europe on which it provides a Master’s degree now in its 39th edition.

In 2005 Fondazione Fenice became a member of Eurocrowd, the European Crowdfunding Association, within which it holds the role of chair of the education sector and has developed the certification scheme for the professional figures of the Campaign and Platform Manager.

Similarly, with the reform of the third sector, it has also activated a master’s degree in Social Enterprise, within which it addresses the issues of impact investing and social impact tools for social enterprises.

Andrea Grigoletto, founder and Technical Director of Fondazione Fenice, recalls:

“It was in 2020 within the Crowdfunding Festival, an event created by Fondazione Fenice dedicated to digital finance, that Fondazione Fenice started to discuss with Consob speakers about the timing of market entry of Cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, blockchain and NFTs.”

Thus was born the need to deepen the world of Cryptocurrencies in order to approach investors and companies in a conscious way to the revolution triggered by the Blockchain that will come to dematerialize the very concept of money in the new paradigm of the investor.

To do so, as always, we looked for a reliable partner who reflected our values and who would approach the topic starting from knowledge and not from opportunity.

Cryptovalues for Fenice, represents an intellectually honest center of knowledge where the interlocutors are the top experts in their field, able to create an organic discipline of the subject to be transmitted with a sense of responsibility for the development of the economy in a conscious and balanced way between opportunities and counter-influences.

The world of digital currency will be a new chapter in the history of money, a new paradigm that will have legal implications, that will be linked to the computing power and therefore to the cost of energy and that will make a civilization leap to the subsistence system of each of us.

The time to inform and educate citizens and businesses of this digital revolution is not much and requires professionalism and dedication to science education that Fondazione Fenice wanted to share with Cryptovalues.

Fondazione Fenice