Money is a fluid concept. To understand this, we need only think of the transition from barter to coins and, later, from banknotes to the various electronic payment systems that we are used to using daily. They mark important historical transitions. Just as important is the passage that began in 2009 with the first transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain, which marked a new watershed in the use of payment instruments.

In this context, today still embryonic but powerful, the SEED Venture project was born, whose main purpose is not only to enable the operation of a new technology (cryptoassets), but also to help connect the entrepreneurial sector represented by real economy startups with the liquidity of decentralized finance (“DeFi”). This through a bridge that is not only desirable, but even necessary to shorten the distance between worlds that will soon coexist. According to the Seed Venture team, happily so.


SEED Venture is a decentralized blockchain-based platform, that wants to be a standard able to work perfectly at the service of venture investing offered to all those who have had and still have limited access to investment in startups (the crowd), allowing the tokenization of traditional asset classes, through an accessible user experience – in spite of what you think approaching the blockchain world – easy and above all compliant.

Its mission is as ambitious as it is indispensable: to create a pure peer to peer match between investors holding digital currencies and early-stage startups, through a design (which in jargon is defined as tokenomics) able to solve the felt problem of illiquidity, and at the same time able to mitigate the risks and timing associated with this type of investment. Those problems which, if effectively resolved, would allow crowdfunding to express its maximum potential.

2022 GOAL

The year 2022 represents the go-live of the platform V.2, born as a result of a long period of testing, thanks to the responses received directly from the market in terms of technological developments and new trends.

An entrepreneurial challenge, that of Seed Venture, which meets the challenge of the Supervisory Authorities, who are now aware that we are dealing with a phenomenon that was born to stay and that they themselves will inevitably end up conditioning, even by acting on the mission and aims of individual projects.

It is for this reason that Seed Venture has decided to join the Cryptovalues Consortium.

Launching a blockchain-based platform means choosing between several possible approaches.

The completely decentralized one, typical of DeFi protocols such as Uniswap, which has as its target subjects looking for total disintermediation and autonomy of investment choices, or the one that advances in progressive steps, providing a “bridge” that allows those who are not yet ready to replace their responsibility to that of intermediaries but are, however, curious to understand the potential of the technology, mediating between the financial freedom of which it is an expression and the rules laid down by law to protect investors and market stability.

SEED Venture makes its strength out of what seems to be the antithesis, without compromising on the transparency and security of its solution.  Towards a utopia that is more and more a reality every day and that a concerted action will certainly be able to make more effective.