Cryptovalues is pleased to announce that Stefano Rossi will join our team as Chief Operating Officer on October 1st. 

Graduated in Political Science and Government, he has seven years of experience in Research & Innovation within the Bitcoin and Blockchain ecosystem. 

Stefano has been part of a team that helped his company gain great recognition within the Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto ecosystem.

He is also an active member of the Bitcoin community and possesses many connections with current industry leaders.

Stefano will have full responsibility for training activities as well as the organization of public events.

“We are very excited to welcome Stefano here at Cryptovalues. With his experience and motivation, he will give us a great contribution to become a renowned center of excellence within the Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto ecosystem.” said Federica Rocco, CEO of Cryptovalues.

Cryptovalues delves deeply into blockchain technology, promoting its adoption through a range of initiatives.