Global Digital Finance global hub leaders delivered several insights from their respective regions at an extraordinary COVID-19 virtual mini-summit held today remotely.

Leaders from Shanghai to New York described what’s going on, what are the different governmental responses, how remote working is affecting the day-to-day business operations and what are the best practices to establish until the emergency will be

As a GDF member we have been asked to cover the Milan / Italy hub response.

Our Chief Operating Officer Stefano Rossi outlined what is the current state of Covid-19 outbreak in Italy and what are our policies and ways of working during such an emergency.

Our COO mentioned the ongoing call for donations run by Helperbit which is a strong signal of solidarity from the crypto community during such difficult times: global leaders have been asked to contribute and share the call.

The Italian Red Cross Committee of Colli Albani already received the first part of the donations thanks to
support of which changed the bitcoin received into euros.

We also shared a research paper by Prof. Giudici and Prof. Agosto which shows how to calculate, using national or local data, the distance to the peak, using a couple of parameters.

This methodology could be effectively used by policy makers to plan and decide interventions such as social distancing.

GDF confirmed that all the issues raised by the speakers will be collected and presented to policy makers and regulators while best practices will be packaged up and shared with the community.

The mini-summit was open to everyone in the community wishing to attend and was
recorded for subsequent listening.

Cryptovalues read out can be seen here video link.

Federica Rocco