“This inaugural study examining the global cryptoasset regulatory landscape goes a long way towards fulfilling the core mission of the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance: informing the operationalisation of technology-enabled financial innovation.

Harvesting the potential benefits of innovation in financial services is highly contingent on the regulatory environment in a given jurisdiction, and few innovations in finance have emerged in recent years as controversial and presenting as many challenges to regulators and policymakers as cryptoassets.


Our hope is that this global comparative analysis of cryptoasset regulation will highlight coverage gaps in regulatory frameworks and enable individual regulators to benchmark their own regulatory approach in the context of the global cryptoasset regulatory landscape.

The global scope of this project distinguishes it from many other studies of cryptoasset regulation, and this was made possible by the collective effort of more than 20 researchers and contributors based around the world, including the team of cryptoasset researchers associated with the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance led by Michel Rauchs and Apolline Blandin, and with the financial and research support provided by the Nomura Research Institute.

A global research collaboration on that scale in itself is an achievement.”

Dr. Robert Wardrop


Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance


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