The Federation of tobacconists has obtained authorization for the sale of this virtual currency as of January 1, 2019.

It’s a small digital revolution for tobacconists. From next January 1, they will be able to sell bitcoins, the virtual currency, according to information from Europe 1.

The prudential control and resolution authority, an offshoot of the Banque de France and not the Banque de France as we explained initially, validated a scheme for the distribution by tobacconists of prepaid bitcoin tickets. At the start, between 3,000 and 4,000 tobacconists will be equipped with software allowing direct purchase of bitcoin “coupons” for amounts of several values: 50, 100 or 250 euros. The other tobacconists will then be equipped as they become available.

Real money to transform into virtual on KeplerK.  In concrete terms, people wishing to acquire bitcoins will be able to do so in these tobacconists. They will receive a ticket that they can transform into bitcoin on  the KeplerK website , as confirmed on Friday noon by the Federation of tobacconists to Europe 1.  Bitcoin, whose price is very fluctuating , is the only crypto-currency concerned by this operation. While it is worth 3,900 euros today, bitcoin was worth 7,000 at the end of July, and even 15,000 a year ago.

In an AFP dispatch published shortly before noon on Wednesday, the Banque de France denied any agreement with tobacconists. “Contrary to what was said this morning, (…) without prior verification, no agreement has been signed to allow the sale of bitcoin in tobacconists”, assured the institution in a press release. “No agreement is furthermore discussed or envisaged on the subject,” added the Banque de France. It is therefore not an agreement strictly speaking between the Banque de France and the tobacconists, who will therefore intervene as intermediaries in these operations.

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Accompany an inevitable movement. The prudential supervisory authority has validated this bitcoin purchase process for a simple reason: there is no choice. Cryptocurrency is becoming a global currency, and it is better to support this inevitable movement as well as market and consumer demand. A report by Jean-Pierre Landau on crypto-currencies was submitted on July 4, 2018 to Bercy, which recommends an evolution. “The right approach is to let cryptocurrencies and the innovations they carry grow in the virtual space they occupy,” it says. If there is therefore no agreement signed with the Banque de France, there is indeed an evolution in the approach with regard to virtual currency, which will become from March 2019 a payment currency at full-fledged, such as PayPal,