At Deloitte we believe that Blockchain is the technological game changer for a wide range of industries.

It is the digital representation of the concepts of immutability, security, transparency, sharing and decentralization.

All these topics are now, more than ever, key targets for a wide array of services in satisfying consumer needs.

Deloitte nowadays boasts a global Blockchain community of 1,500 people, including 1000 in the EMEA area.

We have 3 dedicated hubs (Dublin, Hong Kong and New York), each of which is composed of a team of dedicated Blockchain professionals with strategic, industrial and technological skills, 25 Labs and various teams distributed in over 30 countries, which offer a global presence capable to satisfy every customer need.

CryptoValues enters our ecosystem as a natural partner. The synergies on the technological research will contain unique insights from start-ups, institutions and professionals of which the consortium is composed.

This strategic choice aims to support our clients to better understand this technology.

The adoption of Blockchain could bring more efficiency, security and open up to new possibilities, but, at the same time, it challenges existing business models.

says Paolo Gianturco, FinTech leader for Deloitte in Italy.

The multitudes of points of view and the market data are key factors in monitoring technology trends. Our research approach is agnostic, as an essential part of Deloitte’s DNA is to continuously investigate, test and collaborate with complementary technologies. We have a formalized technological roadmap that gives priority to the most ready Blockchain technologies for the company, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but the process encourages our teams and developers to commit themselves to explore and propose new technologies to work with.

CryptoValues is proud of having Deloitte has our new member, this company has a strong track record  proven for long time  proactive and passionate interest in the Blockchain technology.

By partnering with Deloitte, CryptoValues strenghtens its role as Blockchain player at institutional and corporate levels

says Federica Rocco, CEO of CryptoValues.